The secret life of ants

I found an amazing post namesd ‘The secret life of ants’ at creative visual art and I hope you also think it’s cool:


If you thought an ants’ life is all work then you’re sorely mistaken. Photographer Andrey Pavlov has captured some stunning scenes of ants’ social activities. Pavlov spends hours setting up his fantasy scenes and then waits for his ant subjects to interact with his miniature props in just the right way.

Notice: some scenes are scripted for your entertainment but all the ants are real and alive (at the time of shooting).

Stay tuned for more photos from this collection.

picturecontent-pid-3a697 picturecontent-pid-3a815 picturecontent-pid-3aa66 picturecontent-pid-3b16a picturecontent-pid-3d995 picturecontent-pid-3e1d0 picturecontent-pid-3e6c8 picturecontent-pid-3e8fd picturecontent-pid-3ebff picturecontent-pid-3f799

If you like this post please visit Creative Visual Art there are some amazing posts there.


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