Thumb art portraits

Finger puppets can provide hours of  amusement.

But this talented artist has put his digits  to even more impressive use by turning them into lifelike recreations of famous  faces.

The inventive Italian, from Bologna, has  produced versions of everyone from Dalai Lama to Colonel Gaddafi and  Hitler.

ditoAVATAR ditoBerlusconi ditobersagliere ditoCheGuevara DitoDalaiLama ditoFRIDAKAHLO ditoGheddafi ditokiss DitoMarioBros DitoMicheyMouse ditoMOZART ditoMRt ditoObama ditoPIKACHU ditoRonaldMcDonald ditoSHREK ditoSPIDERMAN ditoSPOCK ditoSteveJobs


He works under the pseudonym Dito Von Tease,  in reference to the burlesque dancer Dita and because ‘il dito’ means ‘the  finger’.

The ‘Ditology’ project aims to look at our  sense of identity and how we use disguises – particularly when we leave a  ‘digital fingerprint’ online.

It all started three years ago, when Von  Tease, 33, was looking for an original avatar to use as his profile picture on  Facebook.

Von Tease said he chose a finger as a  disguise because he was not keen to reveal his identity.

He said: ‘In Italian someone could say I  wanted to “hide myself behind my finger [trans: nascondermi dietro un dito]” –  it’s a metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place.

‘I used this metaphor to say we all try to  hide ourselves behind an image of us we create. That’s my finger, the changing  masks everybody wears in playing life… especially famous people.’

The characters are chosen from daily news and  important happenings, historical events, arts, music, television and  politics.

Von Tease changes the skin colour and adds  hairstyles, distinctive features and even make up.

Other recognisable faces that Von Tease has  digitally altered include Kiss star Gene Simmons, to whom he added black and  white facepaint, a wild hairstyle and even a pink tongue.

His Sherlock Holmes wears a green hat and  smokes a pipe, while his version of Apple founder Steve Jobs sports glasses and  bushy grey eyebrows.

Von Tease has even put his finger on the  perfect look for fictional characters Spock from Star Trek, Disney’s Mickey  Mouse and animated monster Shrek.

He has tackled all the A-Team character as  well as John Travolta’s Danny Zuko in Grease.

The Ditology project also taps into  the importance of the index finger in today’s digital world – where many of us  use our index finger to operate touchscreens.

So if you want to examine your own ‘digital  identity’, perhaps it is time to turn back to finger painting.

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